• Burn Factor

    Our clients never feel overwhelmed by legislative or regulatory actions because of our monitoring service, featuring the Burn Factor Analysis. Giving a rating for each policy issue changes how our clients view government affairs, offering a landscape view of their priorities.

  • On-Demand Consultation

    Use this when you have a problem that is hitting your margins. For example, a particular company is using the legislature to introduce adverse legislation that is popping up all over the country. Our clients know that with our contacts and resources, we can find the answer to why this issue is happening and give strategic advice.

  • Stay informed

    Having trouble keeping up with all the policy issues that affect you?. The Burn Factor solves this with weekly updates and flexibility for our clients to add to their priority list. Every client’s list is unique and the information that they receive is curated and “burn factored” for them.

  • Simple and Easy to Understand

    Each weekly update is tailored to the client and created by experts in the industry. Many similar services offer reports on issues to their clients with information that is more “trendy” and not helpful. Having a ratings system shows which issues are hot or cold without overwhelming our clients. Added with a weekly report you don’t miss out and can rest easy.

Monitoring Service Options

Operational, Tactical and Strategic Consulting.

  • The Burn Factor

    A method that helps our clients clearly see how government policy affects them. The Burn Factor includes:

    Weekly monitoring service that also gives strategic advice
    A prioroty list of issues unique to your business
    The Burn Score - A numerical rating for each priority
    Notifications to take action once a priotity has reached a critical point
    The ability to add to the priority list as needed
    A unique client portal that makes your reports easy to understand
  • The Burn Factor Plus

    The "On-Demand Consultation" in The Burn Factor Plus gives you answers when you need them the most. Its features include everything in The Burn Factor, as well as:

    Customizable information
    Expert memorandums and quarterly reports
    FYIs so you can get up-to-the-minute information
    Bi-weekly updates on your industry’s marketplace health
    An expert to handle your questions when you need answers
    Quick turnaround time--as little as 24 hours

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mediware thoroughly enjoys collaborating with Ron Lanton. He provides a refreshing dedication and commitment to deliver quality pharmacy and legal expertise that has truly helped our customers understand how to manage their business today, tomorrow, and into the future.”

Kolby Wegener, Mediware Information Systems

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