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Who are we?

We are a Northeast based healthcare government affairs consulting firm with state and federal expertise.

What is our philosophy?

Here at True North Political Solutions LLC, we want to show how government policies affect business and how our clients can stay connected to the legislative process. Furthermore, we take a proactive approach for our clients allowing them to stay ahead and push their own policy trends.

How are we different?

Essentially we are a one stop shop. We offer specialized packages to our clients based on their needs and budgets. Our contacts are nationwide which allows us to offer regional, state or nationwide packages. Our value-added services can help government affairs, operations or compliance departments understand and change regulatory and legislative policy. Our staff is non-partisan so there is no need to worry when the tides of politics change. We are also focused on our clients business needs offering a complete analysis.

What types of services do you offer for healthcare and financial businesses?


Essentially, we cover anything that may be keeping our clients up at night. Lobby services allow our clients to gain access to policy makers and create, change or maintain legislative and regulatory measures. Monitoring services give clients peace of mind and makes sure that they are up to date on any changes in government policy. Forecasting services makes sure that our clients are never caught off guard.

Our goal is to give our clients a comprehensive approach so that they can make the most of government policy changes.