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True North Political Solutions is a healthcare and life sciences policy firm. Our focus is in the areas of Specialty Pharmacy, Bio and Devices. We offer a holistic view that combines three services. Our advocacy service allows for our clients to either be anonymous or directly lobby lawmakers. Many clients just want eyes and ears on the ground on an ongoing basis with the ability to “turn on” specific initiatives. Monitoring helps organizations know ahead of time about possible compliance issues before they become laws or regulations. Plus, forecasting offers a view into the future regarding policy trends in the government and marketplace.

Our overall goals are to serve our clients anywhere in the United States. In doing so we do not limit our clients to issues on the federal level. Healthcare policy is not limited to state or federal therefore our intelligence gathering for our clients is not either. We focus where the policy trends are coming from and provide proactive solutions. Spending resources to stay ahead is more important than losing money reacting to an issue.

Our firm is currently located in New Hampshire just under an hour away from Boston, MA. The firm was started last year in this area in order to take advantage of the State’s unique political environment, which is a hotspot for national politics. Additionally, Boston is a hotspot for Specialty and Biotech. This makes us different than most lobby firms which only focus on policy inside the beltway and do not monitor or include marketplace intelligence into their client’s strategies.

Being close to a hub of life sciences allows our company to be experts in the field which in turn allows us to further advocate for our client’s needs. This is what makes our firm unique.